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6 Vegan Recipes Your Body Will Love →

6 Vegan Recipes Your Body Will Love

There are many benefits to a vegan lifestyle: reduced saturated fat intake, increased vitamin C, high fiber content, higher energy, healthier skin, and many others. However, maintaining healthy vegan meal plans can be difficult.

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Marathon Training for Beginners →

Marathon Training for Beginners

In order to finish your first marathon, you need to make it to the starting line. Preparing yourself to run a full marathon takes the proper gear, goals, a positive mindset, a marathon training schedule, and nutrition.

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Easy Healthy Breakfast Tips →

Easy Healthy Breakfast Tips

We all know about the wise men’s saying “Eat your breakfast like a king, your lunch like a prince and your dinner like a pauper”

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Chocolate Banana Shake Recipe →

Chocolate Banana Shake Recipe

By using low calorie instant chocolate pudding mix, this Chocolate-Banana Shake will be healthy and also rich in flavor.

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What Causes Depression? →

What Causes Depression?

Some people write depression off as a phase, something that accompanies a difficult time in someone’s life, and then fades away with time. Depression however, is a complicated illness. It is an illness that can be triggered by myriad reasons, a disease that varies in severity from individual to individual. While some sufferers may experience mild depression which has higher chances of being cured if detected and treated in time, other patients suffer from intense bouts of severe depression that haunts them for years on end. Depression patients experience extreme feelings of sadness, loneliness and melancholy.

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Fitness Faceoff: Gym Workout vs. Exercising at Home →

Fitness Faceoff: Gym Workout vs. Exercising at Home

Exercising has been number one top priority on your to-do list for quite some time and so you finally decide to get off your lazy behind and get down and dirty skin deep into some workout action.

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Easy Banana Pie Recipe →

Easy Banana Pie Recipe

Ever thought of making a pie in bowl?? It sounds different but is super delicious to make for your family and friends!! A creamy, melt-in-mouth, fruity pie that will leave everyone begging for seconds… Easy Banana Pie Recipe is a must-to-try!!

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Exercises for People with Chronic Pain →

Exercises for People with Chronic Pain

You know what it’s like to live with pain and aches and the suffering that it can cause. You may feel like resting, but moving and stretching is good for you.

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Raspberry Banana Yogurt Smoothies Recipe →

Raspberry Banana Yogurt Smoothies Recipe

This raspberry smoothie has all the goodness of yogurt and fruits.

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5 Benefits of Morning Workouts →

5 Benefits of Morning Workouts

Even early birds can have a hard time leaving the comfort of their beds earlier than they have to, and for night owls it can seem almost impossible.

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