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Are Burgers Healthy? →

Are Burgers Healthy?

Sandwiched between a bun, a juicy burger patty, overflowing with all that scrumptious taste, flavorsome sauces and an excuse of a vegetable with hints of cucumber, onions and lettuce is a typical burger! With these two slices of bread, the burger joint chef is free to let his imagination go wild and build on to the two mere harmless slices of bread as far as his imagination allows him to. But the real question is, how does your gastrointestinal tract feels about this rather deliciously fat and cholesterol embossed treat? Or in other words are burgers healthy?

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Healthy Vegetarian Foods →

Healthy Vegetarian Foods

It is imperative for vegetarians to make sure they are compensating for what their diet is missing in order to remain fit and healthy. We have compiled a list of foods that ever Vegetarian should eat to remain in the best of health.

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Peach Smoothie with Yogurt Recipe →

Peach Smoothie with Yogurt Recipe

This refreshing Peach Smoothie with Yogurt Recipe is very quick and easy to make. Enjoy the amazing flavor of the peaches and raspberries in this cool drink.

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Effects of Alcohol on Your Sex Life →

Effects of Alcohol on Your Sex Life

Tantalizing us with the surreal sense of elation, alcohol persists to be a risky part of our lives! While college days are the epitome of experimentation, progressing onto adulthood is generally marked by a substantial increase in the delirium of intoxicating alcohol! There is no denying the marked bond shared by sex and alcohol.

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Top 10 Most Healthiest Foods →

Top 10 Most Healthiest Foods

Your body will love you for eating the truly good things in life! Piping hot, chunky French fries and huge tubs of delicious ice-cream may taste great, but they’re not really helping you in the health department. At all! These food items may be super popular worldwide, but if your body could rate them, they would be close to a zero, maybe even lower! On the other hand, indulge in some of the healthy delights that you will read about in just a short while, and there’s no denying that the chances of you sailing smoothly through your years with a fit and healthy body are pretty high!

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How Much Alcohol Is Healthy? →

How Much Alcohol Is Healthy?

Individuals who drink in controlled amounts are said to have a healthier life than those who are heavy drinkers or staunch abstainers. It depends on how much alcohol you have that determines the effect of liquor in your life.

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10 Ways to get Flat Sexy Abs →

10 Ways to get Flat Sexy Abs

You may have sexy thighs and they may make heads turn but can does your midriff get the same kind of attention?

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Foods That Fight Depression →

Foods That Fight Depression

Depression is a disorder that has become disturbingly common in individuals. Doctors often prescribe various medicines to treat depression, however, very few people are aware of the fact that there is a more natural way to fight depression; indeed, the kind of food an individual eats can greatly alter the likelihood of developing depression. There are certain kinds of food present which actually helps reduce the feeling of depression; this is because the food that we consume affects the chemical flow in the brain. Excess consumption of sugar or caffeine can lead to increase in depression.

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Creamy Chopped Cauliflower Salad Recipe →

Creamy Chopped Cauliflower Salad Recipe

This Creamy Chopped Cauliflower Salad recipe has all the beautiful flavors of caraway seeds, apples, onions, mixed with mayonnaise to give you a refreshing yet healthy salad recipe. You can opt for low fat diet mayonnaise for a more healthy version.

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Playlist For Zumba (18th August to 25th August 2014) →

Playlist For Zumba (18th August to 25th August 2014)

Why not include Zumba Songs into your beautiful week? Here’s to a rocking start to your week!

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