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Oriental Chicken Salad Recipe →

Oriental Chicken Salad Recipe

Salads aren’t boring anymore, forget about the traditional ones!! Oriental Chicken Salad will at once become a permanent part of your meals once you give it a try… Its breathtakingly delicious and nutritious, have it a try and enjoy.

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Weight Loss And What You May Be Doing Wrong →

Weight Loss And What You May Be Doing Wrong

The “weight-loss” bandwagon is a tempting one to hop aboard for most people, but understanding what needs to be lost and how to do it are what really matter.

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Top Yoga Poses for Weight Loss →

Top Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

The benefits of yoga are endless, ranging from decreased level of injuries to a better posture, from better coordination and balance to greater flexibility.

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Do Vegetarians Need Multivitamins? →

Do Vegetarians Need Multivitamins?

Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin which is vital for cell division and the formation of blood and the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.  Vegetarians tend to get enough of this essential vitamin, but just to stay on the safe side, consult your doctor and find out if you need to take supplements of it. After all, deficiency of vitamin B12 has serious repercussions including anemia, damage to the nervous, vulnerability to heart disease and complications with pregnancy.

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Ball Roll Out Exercise →

Ball Roll Out Exercise

Stability ball roll out works deeply on rectus abdominus muscle, spine, thighs and obliques primarily while performing on knees.

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How to Reduce Stretch Marks after Weight Loss →

How to Reduce Stretch Marks after Weight Loss

A lot of people experience stretch marks after weight loss and might have tried a billion ways to get rid of them. But the issue here with stretch marks after weight loss is they might seem lighter over the time but they do not disappear completely. The reason why they occur after weight loss is due to over stretching and exercising or working out excessively, causing imbalance and instability in your hormones.

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Low-Carb Diet - Does It Help Lead to Weight Loss? →

Low-Carb Diet - Does It Help Lead to Weight Loss?

A low carb diet for weight loss is a diet where the intake of various carbohydrates is limited. There are many versions of this diet, however in a low carb diet the common limitation is that of grains and starchy fruits and vegetables and a higher emphasis on Proteins.

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Crunchy Chicken Nuggets →

Crunchy Chicken Nuggets

‘Crunchy Chicken Nuggets’ is a scrumptious nuggets recipe that you can make them at your home easily.

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Easy Chicken Salad Sandwiches Recipe →

Easy Chicken Salad Sandwiches Recipe

Go ahead and start making this delicious Easy Chicken Salad Sandwiches Recipe; it won’t take your time too much.

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What is Water Weight Loss? →

What is Water Weight Loss?

Water weight loss is not a radical new fitness exercise program. More importantly, It revolves around a simple concept of consuming water for weight loss. That’s right! Research has now confirmed that water for weight loss actually works.

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